Monday, September 17, 2007

An Indoor Piece of Earth For The Cat

As you can see from this photo, Squeek loves her kitty meadow. Since she was a feral cat, she really enjoyed being on ground and eating her favorite grasses. So, we took a litter box and filled it with dirt and dug up some of the grasses she liked and a few other things to fill in plus some sticks and mulch and leaves to make her an indoor place where she could still lie on the ground. She has loved it.

If you've got a feral kitty or one that really likes the feel of the earth beneath their feet, you might take the time to give them a piece of their own dirt. It doesn't take long to make one and if you give it a sunny spot the plants will continue to grow if you add a bit of water. Every time I take water over to the box, Squeek stands beide it to watch. I guess she's wanting to be sure I do a thorough job. She likes to see that grass growing because she loves to nibble on it.

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