Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hurry, Hurry, Worry, Worry

by Donna L. Watkins

Does the title of this article sound like your life? Or maybe you're like me. For way too many years I said I did not worry. I was just responsible and task-oriented so I had to think about things to be sure everything was scheduled in the right way, at the right time, for the right people, to get the best results. Responsibility is a good character quality ... but it can be taken too far.

We get so wrapped up in tasks that we have no time left to take care of ourselves and having time to play doesn't even enter the picture. As Christians we get caught up in doing good, and if we don't love ourselves, we depend on people to love and appreciate us. Many a person that is doing something "for God" gets very offended and angry when they don't get the proper appreciation from the task.

It's easy to bury our hurts and wounds in doing stuff. Hurry, Hurry. No time to think about the pain. No time to take it to Jesus. No time to deal with it. But the body has to deal with it and these things add up to health problems.

It may seem very spiritual to be busy doing good, but can we be more spiritual than Christ's example? Jesus never hurried. Not even for death. With the short amount of time that He had to accomplished a large task, you would think He would stay up all night to get things done and prepared for the next day.

The Bible tells us He went up to the mountain to spend time with His Father every morning. He walked from town to town, so you know that "wasted" a lot of time. He had time for his friends (disciples) to share food and fellowship. He took time to grieve. When He heard that John the Baptist was beheaded. (Mt. 14:13) He "withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place." When people were hungry, He took time to feed them. How many meals have you missed in your busyness? He was even able to sleep in a boat that was in the middle of a storm. (Mt. 8:24)

When asked what the greatest commandment was in the whole Law, He responded that we are to love God with all our heart and the second greatest is to love others as we love ourselves. (Mt. 22:36-39)

There was no Hurry Hurry in Jesus and there certainly wasn't any Worry Worry. Jesus said, "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" (Mt. 6:27) We sure can take away a lot of hours in our lives by worrying. And what a waste it is! Why do we worry? Because we don't trust God with our lives.

Are you willing to let go of all the things you don't have control of anyway? How many more hours, days and years are you going to give to the devil? If God is big enough to save you and take you to Heaven, isn't He big enough to handle all those things on your worry list? The only correct answer is: Yes!

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