Saturday, September 29, 2007

Overwhelmed, Fearful, Anxious and Tired

by Donna L. Watkins

Living near the Blue Ridge Mountains provides many opportunities to hike and climb mountains. With rheumatoid arthritis my brain and body tell me that it's not something that I should consider, but I love forests and mountains, so when I want to do something really special that's where I want to be, because in my heart and spirit I know that's where healing occurs so I don't want to let the devil get the best of me.

The decision to do it is overwhelming with the fatigue I experience, but I remember what it was like the last time I went. Looking at a few photos from the last time will really get me in gear. Then I take the first step to pack some water, food, hiking boots, and a few field guides. After that, it's all "downhill" to get the show on the road.

Are you overwhelmed with a situation in your life? Not sure which direction to go or which way to turn? Feeling all alone because you don't know who can help or guide you?

You can do this! The more you dwell in the fear and let it rule, the more you will be enveloped with a heavy black cloud that will literally eat you up. Fear eats our minds and bodies. We were given faith by God and you have access to it at any moment in time.

Reach for faith. Speak the Word. Get your Bible and sit down and breathe deep 10 times. Don't stop at less. Then ask God to guide you and He will show you something in His Word that you can cling to and that two-edge sword will stop the devil in his tracks.

God has promised to "take the hand of those who don't know the way ... and to show them what roads to take." (Is. 42:16) You have to take the first step to get out of the spot you're in.

Have you decided to hike and you drive to the location and get to the trailhead and think, "oh my goodness! what am I doing here? I'll never get to the top of this mountain." But you do! Not by thinking about the top of the mountain, but by putting one foot in front of the other. Focus on one step at a time and soon you will look up and be at the mountaintop, far above the problem and able to see how it all fits in.

Remember the monkey bars at the playground when you were growing up? You climbed up there and took hold of the first bar and then you needed to step out to get across, and worse than that, you had to let go with one hand to reach for the next bar. What a great feeling when you got to the other side!

You can do this. You know you need to move out of the fear that's keeping you in prison. You probably already know WHAT you need to do. Stir up that faith within you and hike out of it!

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