Monday, January 7, 2008

FDA Bans Health Info On Cherries

Being in the natural health industry and selling herbs and supplements for the past 25 years, I am well aware of how the FDA prefers to keep people from making their own health choices. The Operation Cure All law that was passed in 2001 has benefited all of us by pulling companies out of the marketplace that made exaggerated claims on life-threatening diseases such as cancer and AIDS.

Not that I don't believe there are natural products that have been used for these problems successfully since we have heard many such testimonies over the years, as anybody that's been in the natural foods realm. But when the FDA begins to remove information and allow the American public to make it's own health care decisions, I get real concerned.

There have been many bills presented that would require prescriptions for supplements. So far there's been enough public outrage that they've not gotten past, but on a state level things are being passed, and as people become more passive (mostly due to lack of time), more decisions will be made for them.

This news story about the FDA certainly concerns me:

The FDA is now threatening cherry growers with raids to confiscate their cherries, haul them into court, and put them out of business for doing one simple thing that the FDA cannot stand to allow: The distribution of scientific information describing the health benefits of cherries.

Read the entire article.

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