Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking For Mr. Right

by Donna L. Watkins

Thanks to fairy tales and dreams, many of us women grew up believing there was a Mr. Right out there who would ride up on a white horse, with no worries or cares of his own, and carry us away to the land of Everything Wonderful.

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The truth is, Ms. Right, that Mr. Right is out there looking for somebody to respond to his own "Help Wanted" dreams.

Do you really believe there's anybody out there that would want to take on the weight of all your troubles? Even is somebody loves you enough to want to, nobody is able. We are all human flesh, not God.

Only God can make your life what you've dreamed it could be, so take your focus off of those around you that can never meet your expectations and get it on God. You'll never get around all your problems if you're looking for somebody else to make it happen.

If you've got your faith in a person, you've lost the battle. We become filled with bad events, thoughts, circumstances, and fears until we've got wounds all over us that are bleeding. Mr. Right is not your herbal solution for healing. Only the Balm of Gilead is able to heal wounds that may have been oozing since childhood.

God will ride in on the wings of your faith and hope and put your life back together if you'll let Him. His Words can bring peace to your soul. That peace can bring healing to the seemingly bottomless pit of pain. Your life can be in order again and you can make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Will you let Him? After you've read a zillion books, spent hundreds of hours in church, and gone through many emotional healing workbooks, it's hard to think there's an answer because we've been relying on our own strength.

You can't do this. Mr. Right can't do it. Only God can. Come before Him broken, empty of personal strength, seeking the Holy Spirit to know the sins that separate you from His holy presence. One of them might be in making somebody else god in your life.

Who have you been expecting to do what only God can do? That kind of pressure will kill a relationship. When you're done making it right with God, make it right with Mr. Right also. Maybe he'll follow your example and let God handle his dreams and desires also, whether it be husband, father, child, brother or friend.

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