Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pets Suffer With Modern Veterinary Care, But There's an Alternative

Imagine if every time you went to the doctor you were given vaccinations that you don't need; vaccinations that offer no benefit but all of the risks of harmful side effects. Or you were given medications with no explanation or information provided. Or tests were being done for no reason.

Now imagine that you can't speak and you have no way to tell those who care for you that those vaccinations make you feel sick; you don't want those tests; and the medicine is causing more harm than good.

If you thought the veterinary world had escaped the 'bottom line' mentality of the Medical Community you are wrong. The world of veterinary medicine has become equally entangled with Drug and Insurance Companies. The result is not only rising costs for the animal guardian but also unnecessary treatments, over-the-top testing, and over vaccination for the animals.

BUT! There's an alternative!

A brand new, revolutionary approach to pet care is gaining attention. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Foundation is emerging as an alternative answer to pet care. Based on a philosophy of integrative medicine, this holistic approach to animal health is saving the lives of pets diagnosed with conditions such as cancer, heart disease, auto immune disease, bladder problems, skin problems and seizures.  Read more.

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