Monday, January 14, 2008

Mom Burnout

by Donna L. Watkins

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Mothers have a tough role, especially if they've chosen to give up careers to be at home with their children. There are talented and brilliant women who have chosen to put motherhood as a top priority. It can be a thankless job. It goes from morning till night and there are grueling days of too many tasks and too many questions.

Sometimes moms can feel like they are unimportant because the world seems to revolve around job titles and possessions. Being a mom isn't bringing in the big bucks and when you choose to make sacrifices for your children, it's not adding possessions to your list of worth either.

But then worth is none of that, is it? Each of us is important regardless of title or rank. Your stuff doesn't make you more valuable and your net worth does not guarantee self-worth. Your value was defined by God, not Corporate America. When people overlook your role as mother, it's because they don't understand it. On the surface wiping baby bottoms, cleaning spills, learning the patience of Job to deal with all the antics of toddlers and the questions pre-schoolers, may not look like much. But in God's eyes, you've chosen a worthy and important profession.

There's a story about a "one-note musician." She takes her seat with her violin, arranges her music, tunes her instrument, and as the concert begins she sits quietly watching the conductor. It seemed the concert was about to end when he signaled to her, she sounded one note, and the moment was over. The orchestra played on and the one-note player sat quietly for the rest of the concert, satisfied. She had only one note to play, but with a great sense of fulfillment she played it in tune, on time, and with great gusto!

It may seem like life's concert is going on without you, but your note is critically important to the entire symphony of life. Remember Ananias? He shows up in the Bible only once after Saul met Jesus on the road to Tarsus. He enters, leads Saul to Christ, and promptly exits (Acts 9:10-19). He was a one-note player, but what a note! Saul who became Paul left quite a history behind him ... and so will you in your children.

Some days will be total chaos and much of the time you may feel like you're not making a difference. Ananias just did as he was directed and left the rest up to God. I'd say Paul made a difference not only in his generation but into every Bible-believing generation since. You may have a Paul growing up in your own house. You won't know it now ... just as nobody knew it when Paul was still Saul.

God will give you moments to remember. Focus on those. They won't come every day or every week, but you can look back and know that you are making a difference not only in your family and your world ... but for the world to come.

Do your best, let God take the mistakes and make them right. He'll finish the job. He'll answer your heart cries for your children. Meditate on Isaiah 44:3: "I will pour my Spirit into your descendants, and my blessing on your children."

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