Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cell Phone and Bluetooth Protection Available

We don't have cell phones and don't intend to get them with all the research on the brain cancer, blindness, deafness, etc. Prevention truly is priceless, but our son has a cell phone as do most of the people we know. I've been told that Bluetooth is safer but it's been based upon this reasoning:

The FDA approved Bluetooth Technology for use by consumers without any regulations or premarket testing, which is exactly how cell phones were approved. However, as of 2006 the FDA felt a need to revisit its approval on cell phones in lieu of a recent study conducted by the Swedish National Institute for Working LIfe that showed cell phone users have a 240% greater risk of developing brain tumors on the same side of the head where they use their phone. Bluetooth headsets function in the same radiowave frequencies as cell phones.

I'm getting to where I feel very uncomfortable talking with somebody on a cell phone with this knowledge. Convenience seems to take priority in today's lifestyles. People sacrifice their health and diet to convenient junk foods and surround themselves with technology to have more time, when in reality there is less and less time in these kinds of lifestyles.

Out of concern for our son, I did some online searching to find out if Bluetooth was safer than cell phones and came up with a website that not only has a lot of information on health and EMFs, but also cells inexpensive solutions to block the EMFs from the brain and head. Visit to find out more.

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