Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cholesterol Test At Home

High cholesterol can have serious and even lethal effects on the body and too many people ignore testing. Personally I don't go to the doctor to get many tests since they want to run you through a long list of them once you begin. So, I make use of the at-home tests available. For many tests, an at-home setting is more valid since you're in your normal comfort zone.

For cholesterol testing, we use the Cholestrak® Home Cholesterol Test Kit to measure our cholesterol levels easy, quick and inexpensive ($12.50).

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Mike Craycraft said...

One thing to look out for with the Cholestrak Total Cholesterol Test is that it only measures Total Cholesterol. There are tests available for use at home that also measure the total cholesterol, the LDL (bad)cholesterol, HDL (good) cholesterol and Triglycerides. These would really give you a better picture of you cholesterol status.

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