Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Exercise Ideas For Cats

Indoor cats, especially those who are the sole companion animal in a home, tend not to get adequate exercise. So what can you do to ensure this necessary component of your cat’s life? Here are just a handful of easy exercise tips:

Use a laser pointer and shine the light all around the room. Be careful not to point the beam directly in the eyes.

Purchase a cat-toy fishing pole and attach something fun to tantalize your cat to begin an exciting chase throughout the house.

Walk or run up and down stairs, dragging a thick rope for your kitty to try and catch (this will get both of your hearts pumping).

Make your cat work for his or her food. Instead of putting a meal on one plate, put small amounts of food on several plates throughout the house. This will require your cat to get some much needed exercise in order to eat.

When you first begin an exercise program with your cat, start with only five minutes of activity, and then subsequently add an extra minute or two to the routine. Any of these activities, in combination with a healthy diet that’s low in carbohydrates, will help your cat shed some unwanted pounds.

Source: Healthy Pet Newsletter, a free monthly newsletter for pets.

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