Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting A Healthy Bowel

Few people understand what healthy elimination is supposed to be like, so they don’t realize that they’re actually constipated. Most people think that going once a day and passing hard, round stools is normal. Well, it may be common, but it isn’t healthy.

So, people need to be educated about healthy stools, and as the saying goes, “It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.” So get ready to be educated.

This article by Steven Horne includes these topics:

What Does a Healthy Stool Like?

Cleansing Tool #1: Water — It Washes You Inside, too.

Cleansing Tool #2: Fiber — It Keeps Your Intestines Running Smoothly

Cleansing Tool #3: Enzymes — Breaking Down Both Food and Toxins

Cleansing Tool #4: Cleansing Herbs — The “Soap” That Washes Your Insides Clean

Cleansing Tool #5: Herbal Laxatives — When You Need That Little Extra “Push”

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