Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stress Solving Secrets

Strategies to Help You Prosper in Difficult Times
by Steven H. Horne, RH (AHG)

Stress! We all experience it from time to time in our life. Perhaps you, like many others in this country, are feeling some stress because of the economy. If you are, I’d say you’re pretty normal. Just listening to news reports of lost jobs, home foreclosures and reduced sales is enough to cause feelings of anxiety in just about anyone, including me. But, stressful events aren’t the real problem. It’s how we react to stressful events that determines whether we will grow from them or develop chronic worry, anxiety, fear and the physical illness that accompanies it.

Learning how to handle stress is typically called stress “management.” The implication is that we can never avoid stressful experiences. However, we can learn tools that help us to deal with (or “manage”) them.

I’ve learned stress management skills because I need them to help me through my own “tough times,” which have included three divorces, the deaths of both of my parents and two of my children, and a bankruptcy. Many people going through these types of stressful experiences become bitter, angry, withdrawn, depressed and hardened. They also typically develop serious chronic illness because of this stress. In contrast, I’ve been able to remain a generally optimistic, happy and healthy person.

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