Saturday, April 25, 2009

Green Home Makeover Is Healthy

How about a trained and certified Eco-Consultant who will IMPLEMENT proven “green” solutions in your home NOW. Lead your family to a healthier, safer, more sustainable lifestyle and save money too by reducing your use of energy.

Would you spend a few hundred dollars to save a few thousand dollars while making the healthiest possible home for your family AND having a positive impact on the environment? Even in tough times, most people answer YES to this question! offers a Green Home Makeover that generally takes from 60-90 minutes. When your local Green Irene Eco-Consultant walks through your home with our Green Home Makeover Checklist, he or she will point out immediate changes you can make at no cost while customizing a set of recommendations on how you can save energy and water, reduce your use of harmful chemicals in your home and yard, improve indoor air quality and reduce your waste.

The $133 Water Conservation Kit (for a 2-bathroom home) can save you over $4,200 in the next seven years while reducing your family's Carbon Footprint. Get more info on the makeover and Find a local consultant.

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