Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog Training With Humor

I'm a blessed woman. I know a wonderful gal that is incredibly gifted with animal training ... and I know another gal gifted with writing. The first has written a book and the latter has written an article about it. If you've been reading the pet topics of this website, the author's name will be known to you.

From the article:

Anyone who has trained with [Cheryl] Falkenburry knows she is never dry or theoretical. She uses humor to make her point and instead of training the dogs, she trains the owners, making them see life through their dog's eyes.

Falkenburry has an ability to understand all the components of the canine mind and the tried training methods that often fail to produce the desired behavior owners seek in their pets. With her background in psychology and education, knowing and understanding the human mind with all its quirks helps with training as well.

Having her St. Bernard Delilah tell the story is not only humorous from Delilah's perspective but shows us that we need to communicate with our pets on another level, not our own.

At one point in the book, Delilah is having too much fun outside and refuses to come in and soon realizes Falkenburry is angry, admonishing her for not listening and obeying. While Delilah gazes at her during her ranting, Delilah thinks to herself, “The words sounded like blah, blah, blah to me. All I knew is she was angry - very angry.” Delilah goes on to speak on her own behalf and in complete innocence.

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