Sunday, September 27, 2009

Egypt Bans GMO Foods

In a surprising move, Egypt announced that it won't be importing or exporting any genetically modified foods. Period. Plenty of traders both inside and outside the country were stunned, seeing as how Egypt's main agricultural imports currently include many GMOs. Can the nation realistically succeed in cutting out genetically modified foods on such a large scale?

According to Reuters,

Any agricultural imports to Egypt must have a certificate from the country of origin that the product is not genetically modified and the rule will also apply to Egyptian exports, the official news agency said on Wednesday.

Evidently, debates over food quality have erupted in Egypt after an import of Russian wheat was rejected by officials. Shortly after, the ban on genetically modified foods reportedly emerged. But what are the ramifications of such a ban--and is it even possible to completely cut GMOs out of a country's food imports? Read the entire article.

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