Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lawns: The Clover Mix Alternative

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After posting about using clover for lawns and mixed with grass areas, we've had a great response, so I've put together more information for those who want to pursue this.

It's time to make the chore of continually tending your lawn disappear! Adding clover to your lawn can take a lot of your troubles and time away, so consider the information and links shown below. We are in the process of converting ours now. Just sowed the seed yesterday.

Clover attracts beneficial insects that feast on other bad insects in your yard and garden. It's also better for pets, children and adults not to be walking on all those chemicals ... not to mention the waterways being benefited greatly, which in turn benefits the aquatic life ... so the reasons go on and on. Give it a try! It stays green in the hottest of summers.

The Article:
The intensive use of fertilizers and pesticides on lawns and turfs provides a good example of how our society is addicted to agrochemicals.

In its natural state, lawn, turf or pasture consists of a mixture of grasses, wild white clover and a half dozen or so herbs that is largely self-fertilizing. As well as beautifying the environment, it performs important ecological tasks: minimizing dust and siltation of waterways; absorbs water quickly and releases it slowly, minimizing flooding; finally it acts as a biological filter, purifying the groundwater by absorbing chemicals in rainwater and excess nutrients deposited by pets and gardeners.

This system works because of the complementary activities of grasses and clover. Grasses produce a mat of fine, fibrous roots in the top 10-15 centimeters of soil giving the lawn its spongy water-absorbing texture. Grass is a heavy feeder and if not overfed by fertilizers, it quickly absorbs soluble nutrients.

Clover is a legume with nodules on its roots.The nodules enable the plant to use gaseous nitrogen from the air to make protein. When clover tissues die naturally, or from cutting or grazing, decomposition releases the nitrogen making it available to grasses."

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