Monday, September 21, 2009

Wildlife Habitat Corridors

Wildlife populations across the country are suffering from habitat loss caused by urban sprawl, drought, wildfires, invasive species, pollution, and other threats. When humans fragment natural landscapes that provide habitat to so many species of plants and animals, we isolate wildlife from the food, water and shelter they need for survival.

The Flyway Cities Coalition is an innovative approach towards creating healthier environments for people and wildlife living in wildlife habitat corridors, or “flyways.” Targeting key urban areas throughout the United States, each city’s Coalition brings together the efforts of local stakeholder groups, magnifying their individual strengths as they work towards common sustainability goals.

Flyway Cities Coalitions will restore viable habitat for native wildlife and plant populations, educating others about local and regional environmental issues, and encouraging communities to engage in projects that create a better urban environment for everyone.

Flyway Cities Coalitions have already been launched in Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and San Diego, and California. Coalitions are in the planning stages for Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and Seattle.

Learn more about this plan for wildlife.

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