Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hospice Tips for Pets

There's a local ministry called Peaceful Passings that provides hospice services for pets. Their website also provides a lot of information of tips that you can glean valuable insight into dealing with an elderly or ill pet that may be nearing death's door.

As animals age, they may experience physical ailments that cause them to feel discomfort. They may become frustrated with their own aging process. They might not hear as well as in younger years, their sight may be impaired, they may feel physically vulnerable when in the company of younger animals. They may have aches that they did have before, and/or soreness in their joints and muscles.

Be patient with your pet's changing moods and gradual decline. They may become grumpy sometimes--it's not their fault! Learn more about how to continue loving and caring for your pet.

Recently our cat, Squeek, aka Kitty Girl, was suffering from a life-threatening disease and complications. We had chosen to care for her at home. This website offered helpful tips during this process when we were wanting to avoid having her put to sleep. It turned out she had another life left of those nine lives, so she made it through with a lot of prayer from subscribers, friends and family.

If you ever need to face these circumstances, visit Peaceful Passings for some helpful tips.

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