Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alone You Can't

by Donna L. Watkins

In Bible times, people feared a swarm of locusts more than the armies of their enemies. Locusts would literally black out the light of the sun, eat everything in sight, and bring an entire city to a standstill. They were unstoppable!

© 2009 Donna L. Watkins - Obedient Plant (False Dragonhead) with Bug

Locusts are related to grasshoppers and look similar, but locusts have a behavioral phase called the gregarious phase. When environmental conditions produce many green plants and promote breeding, locusts can congregate into thick, mobile, ravenous swarms. These clouds of locusts will devastate entire crops causing famine. They occur in many places of the world.

As an example in Africa, a desert locust swarm can be 460 square miles (1,200 square kilometers) in size. Consider that 40 - 80 million locusts can be in a swarm that is less than half a square mile (one square kilometer).

Doesn't that paint the picture of why they were so feared in the Bible? A swarm of such size would eat 423 million pounds (192 million kilograms) of plants every day. The locust isn't big, it's length is 2.75 inches (7 cm).

Locust swarms are typically in motion and can cover vast distances. In 1954, a swarm flew from northwest Africa to Great Britain. In 1988, another made the lengthy trek from West Africa to the Caribbean.

What's the message within the locust?

Don't quit! Gather with other Christians and swarm the Enemy. Your victory is eminent! Alone you can't, but together we can!

We became one with Christ when we accepted Him as our Savior. Do you need to do this first step now?

We live in Him and He lives in us as His illustration of the vine and the branches portrayed (John 15:5). We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil 4:13).

Do you know that locusts don't fly very well. Their wings are too narrow. But they can jump 200 times their own height and timing is what they look for. The locust waits for the wind to blow and then jumps and lets it carry him to his destination.

What's the message?

When God sends a wind to move you, be sure you move! Self-help books are fine, but when the rubber hits the road, we need His direction and guidance, because our wings don't have much power without Him. Take that leap of faith and let His Spirit take you where you need to go. All your flapping around trying to fix it won't get the job done.

Stay sensitive to the Spirit, learn How to Hear God's Voice, and follow His direction. It's never too late to catch another updraft and soar to victory. "Be strong and courageous ... for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go" (Josh. 1:9).

The battle is over your future and the futures of your family. Don't let the Enemy who delights in your troubles bring you to his level with whining, doubt and unbelief. Don't let him rob you of your potential. Don't let him have your children. Don't let him steal your destiny!

When we get through the ordeal and the storm, we will be able to instill trust for God in others as we say, "My wings were too small to travel this far. My flapping around didn't get me anywhere, but when I leaned into God, He got me here. To Him be the glory, forever and ever." Amen!

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