Friday, October 16, 2009

Silver Shield For Pets

Colloidal silver has become a popular alternative treatment for many of pet owners health concerns for their animals. The immune system support spectrum that Silver Shield provides surpasses anything on the market. With all the research, testing and long-term uses documented, Silver Shield has been proven to be safe and effective for everyone, including children, the elderly and pets.

The Silver Sol technology is a patented process that provides great antimicrobial effective at even lower concentrations of use. It's non-toxic and safe because of the size and useability of its silver particles. This is one item with many uses that you can have in your natural medicine chest for your family and pets.

Uses for Pets

• Make a spray bottle of it with water (8 oz. water to 1/2 t. Silver Shield) to spray pet's coat, rubbing down into the skin. Can also be used on bedding to disinfect.

• Add to the drinking bowl for daily immune support and fresher breath.

• A drop in each eye or several drops in each ear will help with eye or ear infections.

• Use on wounds, cuts and skin issues. It's soothing and dries quickly, reducing inflammation and aiding in quicker healing time.

Read about more uses that can be adapted for pets.
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