Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Solar Street Lights

The new street lights by Luna Eye are lightweight and compact so they ship easily, plus you can put them on an existing pole. Install them during the day, and you're ready to go by the time the sun goes down.

The units themselves can be clamped onto an existing pole, so no need for additional holes to be dug or poles to be sunk. Plus they use LED lights to optimize efficiency, a high-capacity lithium-ion battery for storage and the entire unit (panels, inverter, batteries, etc) are all contained in one unit so you don't have to deal with adding cables or installing additional boxes or components.

One interesting feature - the Luna Eye system dims and illuminates depending on whether someone is around or not. If there is movement, the infrared will sense it and increase illumination, otherwise the lights stay at a lower lighting level.

You can also choose between a one-lamp and two-lamp system depending on how much output you need. Read entire article: Play Street Ball All Night Long: Luna Eyes

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