Sunday, February 28, 2010

Newsletter - 3/1/10

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Hello Friends!

I'm sending this out a bit early since I'm leaving for a trip down south to warmer temperatures ... although the temps haven't been all that warm in North Florida ... it's warmer than here in Central VA.  I'm excited ... except for the fact that I leave my sweet hubby and kitty cat behind.

© 2009 Donna L. Watkins - Rose of Sharon with Pollen-coated Bee
I'm picturing flowers, birds mating and nesting, and maybe even some bees before I return home.  I will be gone for a month.  Actually bees will be only in my dreams because I'm not going any further south than Gainesville, Florida.

This is a challenge for me, so I'm thrilled to have moved past the fear of such a long journey with these hands and wrists so bothered by rheumatoid arthritis.  Sometimes I feel like I can no longer be the real me while having to deal with this disease ...  but as long as I win on making the right choices with faith rather than fear ... I figure I'm doing alright :-)

The "real me" is always inside and if I keep looking at myself as God looks at me, I'll always come out on the winning side because His favor is forever with us.

I will miss my winter bird station that I've so enjoyed on our front porch while I work by the window ... but I won't miss seeing the snow.  I have the excitement of knowing I'll be with friends, family and business associates so a lot of joy is scheduled for March.

The birds are glad to know that somebody will still be here feeding them and changing the water in the warmed bird baths.

The deer and other wildlife have had a great challenge this year also and they look forward to all of our veggie scraps we toss out each day.  We can sustain life in so many ways if we share with the natural world.

I'll be sure to take photos along the way ... and you know I'll visit a nature area every chance I can get.

Here's my itinerary ... if anybody's in the areas I'll be passing through, let me know ... I'd love to have a cup of tea with you!

Florence, South Carolina
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Gainesville, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Mobile, Alabama
Montgomery, Alabama
Fayetteville, Georgia
Duluth, Georgia
Back to Charlottesville, Virginia

Email me if you're on my travel route :-)

Love and Hugs,

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