Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Students Happier with Plants

From Garden.org Newsletter

It’s widely known that the presence of houseplants in rooms improves air quality, reduces eye irritation and stress, motivates employees, and even improves concentration. In one study, employees’ reaction time on computer tasks improved 12% with houseplants present. Now researchers have found that University students can benefit from having houseplants in the classroom as well.

Researchers from Texas State University and Texas A&M University analyzed three sets of two classes each -- about 385 students. One set of classes had no plants in their classroom, while the others had an assortment of tropical plants.

At the end of the semester, students filled out a survey. Although there was no difference in overall grades or academic performance, researchers found students in the classroom with houseplants evaluated the course higher in instructor’s enthusiasm and organization. They generally had more positive feelings about the class than those in plant-less room. The plants had the most impact in classrooms with no other natural elements.

For more information on this study, go to: Science Daily News

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