Saturday, February 20, 2010

Smell & Taste Deficiency in Cats

Recently we went through an acute crisis with our kitty. She's 13 so she's considered an elderly cat. We were told by several people that elderly cats sometimes have decreased smelling and taste as they age. I'm one who doesn't think you have to have all the old-age issues if you learn more about the roots causes of them. We may be come deficient in nutrients because things are not working as well as they should, and those deficiencies create symptoms.

Loss of taste and small in humans is a possible zinc deficiency, so I decided to see if there was any correlation in felines. I discovered that zinc is one of the essential minerals that are supplemented in today's commercial diets for cats and dogs. But there are several factors that could affect absorption of zinc from the cat's diet.

Zinc is not considered to be highly absorbable. Studies show that between 5% and 40% of ingested zinc is actually absorbed. There are several factors that influence the absorption of zinc. One of them is genetics. Another is plant material. Inflammatory Bowel Disease is another and that was strongly considered as an issue for our Squeek. Read the entire article.

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