Friday, February 12, 2010

Controlling The Internet

by Donna L. Watkins

Do you or somebody you know have a problem with what you allow yourself to view on the internet? Marriages are being impacted by what's available online. Debt is the #1 thing that will take down a marriage, but the internet is gaining ground on being #2.

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Not only is it WHAT is being viewed, but how MUCH it's being used. Rather than having family time, or couple talk time, we're looking at computer screens numbly clicking away from one place to the next like a zombie in programmed mode. For those with hurts and wounds, it's an easy place to develop superficial relationships that are non-threatening. It's another world to enter and leave the one you have behind. So many things to read, games to play, shopping to do, and TV shows to watch.

Do you need to set time limits on computer use for yourself or your family? It's very addicting. It won't be an easy thing to do, but it's a necessary thing to do. Nothing survives without being fed, and relationships won't make it without attention. Good marriages don't just happen, they're made by hard work and that takes time. Just as it does to be a good mom or dad. Good children don't just happen either. What is sown in will be the harvest you glean.

Like any addiction or thing that seems to have control over you, you will need accountability to beat it. Willpower is never enough because in our own strength we can accomplish little. There's a website that can help you do this. Yep! an internet tool to monitor your internet use. The recovery part of it is that when you register with you provide two email addresses of people who have agreed to be your accountability partners. Every two weeks all of you will get an email on what you've been viewing online.

This is a great program for guys who have a challenge on where they find themselves going when they get online. You may want to make one of your accountability partners your wife. The tighter you make the controls on this problem, the more results you will get and victory is more certain.

This isn't just for what's being viewed. You may have a problem with playing games or shopping too much. You can use this accountability tool for many facets of internet overuse. You're not alone with the problem. Read some of these related articles to get a bigger picture of the problem ... then get your accountability partners and get a life ... Offline!

Having online businesses has made it a challenge for Randal and me to schedule work time on the computer and then personal time for things we wanted to do.  The internet will take you into a time warp with far too many things to be done.  Decide individually and as a family how much time you want to allot to the computer and then set a timer.  You will need to ask God what needs to be done and what doesn't, but you'll discover a better relationships and more fun, especially outdoors!

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