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Tattoos For Christians?

Do Tattoos Have a Spiritual Meaning?
From Creation Moments

Leviticus 19:28: "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the LORD."

The Old Testament explicitly forbids God's people from getting tattooed. It might be argued that believers in God have refused to get tattooed because they view the body as the Holy Spirit's temple. But research conducted in 1999 is beginning to suggest that there is more to the issue.

Dr. William Cardasis, a Michigan criminal psychiatrist, sees a possible link between criminal behavior and tattoos. In his study of 55 patients at a maximum security hospital, Dr. Cardasis found statistical links between sociopathic behavior and the tendency to wear tattoos. He found that patients with tattoos were much more likely to have no regard for the rights of others, behave impulsively and lie and steal with no remorse.

Another study of cadavers in New York City showed that the bodies of teen drug addicts had twice the number of tattoos compared to the general population.

One tattoo artist told the press that he refuses to tattoo the face, neck or hands. He pointed out that some people consider tattoos in these places to be "serial killer territory."

Dr. Cardasis adds that simply having a tattoo doesn't mean one is a criminal – that depends on what the tattoo means to the person wearing it.

Getting a tattoo is a permanent commitment to the symbol represented by the tattoo. Believers should have a permanent commitment only to Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for making my body the temple of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

References: "What do tattoos say about the soul?" The Toronto Star, 12/26/99, p.J6.

Another Resource of Research (shared by a friend after reading this post):
The Dark Side of Tatoos

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Unknown said...

This has always been a really good topic to consider. I am a strong Christian and I have 3 tattoos, one being the word, Agape to remind me of Christ's unconditional love for me and the sacrifice He made in dying on the cross. I believe Christians can use their tattoos for praise to God, as what my sister did when getting several tattoos, one "Jesus Saves" and a bible verse. I believe that if we are offering up our bodies to God in praise that's what He will look at, no matter if we have tattoos on our bodies or not. It's just my personal way of expressing myself and allowing for others to see the tattoo and ask what it means. Then I have an opportunity to explain my faith. :)

Karen said...

I've been following Jesus since I was 14, and I'll 'fess up and admit I'm 50 now and considering getting a small dove tattoo. I don't consider this in any way "anti-Christian." It's my relationship with God and how I live it out that's important...not whether I have long or short hair, wear makeup or get a tattoo. There's my two cents!

Unknown said...


You make a really great point; it is about the outside and your walk with God. Christians can decide whether or not to get tattoos, but God said, let everything we do praise Him, so I believe getting a tattoo is something that should be well-thought out.

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

I like this topic, very interesting. I'm a saved bible reader and believer. Because of that, I know I'm to look to Paul as he followed Jesus for right division of my bible (II Tim 3:15), and yes, there are divisions and differences you need to understand to "get" your bible, as there are no mistakes in it. I know now that God deals with people differently throughout the ages (Heb 1:1). God has made different rewards and consequences for Israel than he has for the body of Christ today. I know I'm definitely not Israel; I'm saved by faith in Christ's finished sacrifice and am a member of the body of Christ. But one thing is true for both groups, respect, tattoos were definitely NOT acceptable for Israel, and they're not desirable now for us as members of the body of Christ, period. Because I'm saved now, I would not get myself a tattoo (my gut reaction whenever I see a tattoo is slavery or prison because they do represent that). BUT I also know I can't condemn anybody who does have a tattoo. That would be how Paul would have us deal with people, saved or unsaved.

Some of the most practical and best advice Paul has for us saved folks is in Colossians 3 and 4. If you're a "new man" in Christ, you "set your affections on things above" as you mature because you're dead in Christ and already have "spiritual blessings in heavenly places," Ephesians 1:3.

The main point for the saved, bible believing man/woman in his/her individual daily walk is to TALK 1-on-1with people about their soul, which is the only thing that really matters. You know if you're saved you no longer "hang out" with people or in places that are questionable. It's about dealing with individuals, not following some crowd who thinks they're "praising" God by getting some mark on their body. To me, that's just weird. My 2 cents.

sharingsunshine said...

I appreciate the feedback because there is rarely one side to a matter, but the bottom line for all Christians should always be to follow The Word rather than our own feelings.

I didn't ponder the information much when I posted the article from another website ... but after getting comments I decided to study to see what I saw God's Word having to say about it.

I wrote a post with my thoughts on the matter: Influence of Tattoos.

Thank you to all who are commenting! :-)

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