Sunday, March 7, 2010

Healthy Soil with Crop Rotation

From Mother Earth News

You can increase soil fertility in your garden soils and cut down on plant disease by rotating the vegetables in your garden plots on a three-year crop rotation cycle.

You can plan your crop rotations by using a paper template to simulate your crops and growing areas. There’s ample research showing that crop rotation results in better harvests for potatoes, tomatoes, beans and many other crops.

One of the rules of good organic gardening is to rotate plant families from one season to the next, as best you can, so related crops are not planted in the same spot more often than every three years or so. The purpose of crop rotation is to help the soil maintain a healthy balance of nutrients, organic matter and microorganisms. Of these three, the invisible world of soil-dwelling micro-creatures is the one that most benefits from crop rotations. Read the entire article.

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