Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stop Cats from Catching Birds

It's that time of year when birds are getting ready to mate and nest and produce babies.  Cats do not need to be around.  Cats kill millions of birds each year and it's not their fault ... it's ours if we leave them out to do what they instinctively do.  It's not a hunger thing ... it's a chase and kill thing.  Please be a responsible pet owner.  Maybe you'd like to convert your cat to be an indoor kitty.  Learn How!

3230aCats are cute and cuddly, but they still are felines. Their instincts are to hunt. Many cat owners are horrified to find their cat stalking and killing birds, especially those at the bird feeder. It’s estimated cats kill more than 4.4 million birds a year. Unless you keep your cat indoors 24/7, there is a possibility they will go after birds in your yard.
Now there’s a new product that will allow your cat to roam the property freely, yet prevent them from catching and killing birds.
The catbib is a lightweight neoprene material that attaches to the cat’s collar. It hangs down in front of your cat to disrupt their hunting while allowing the cat to run, jump, eat, sleep, and act normally. The brightly colored bib alerts birds to a cat’s presence before they strike.
Tests at Murdock University, Western Australia, showed the catbib prevented 81% of cats from catching birds. It also reduces small mammal predation as well.
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Anonymous said...

truly rubbish invention

sharingsunshine said...

Well, I'm impressed with the statistics and as one who has neighbor's cats prowling our feeders, I'm glad to see something's out there if anybody has an interest in using it. There are far too many birds being killed by cats to simply ignore the problem.

Anonymous said...

Donna I am afraid the number dont add up in 10years time thats 44million birds . This is truely B.S. by the American bird conservatory. I have owned 7 cats in the last 10 years and not one bird has died not one from my cats

Anonymous said...

well, I think my friend your cats are in the minority. I love cats and had many in my time, but I have never encountered one yet that doesn't catch birds. Perhaps you should genetically engineer your non bird catching cats, there could be a market for them!

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