Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eco Vehicles and Alternative Fuels

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Eco-Smart Vehicles and Alternative Fuels
Web site dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions by promoting environmentally friendly transportation. The Web site is a discussion initiated by the Evangelical Environmental Network and Creation Care magazine.
Information and forums on hybrid vehicles.
Web site with articles, tips, and forums on improving gas mileage.
EPA's green vehicle guide.
Site with listings of the "greenest"€ and "€œmeanest"€ cars.
Site to locate retail pumps, distributors, co-ops, etc., for biodiesel fuel.
Learn more about biodiesel initiatives in your area.
Information and sales of bike trailers and a €œcost of car ownership€ calculator.
Calculate your direct costs per mile, carbon dioxide emissions, and land-use impact of driving to work.
A charity founded by Matthew Modine to inspire people from all walks of life to join the worldwide movement to reduce global warming and carbon emissions caused by gas-powered vehicles. and
Connect to a carpool or start one yourself.

Source: Blessed Earth is an educational nonprofit that inspires and equips faith communities to become better stewards of the earth. Through outreach to churches, campuses and media we build bridges that promote measurable environmental change and meaningful spiritual growth.

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