Sunday, March 14, 2010

Newsletter - 3/15/10

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Hello Friends!

It's been great getting to see some of you while I've been on my road trip.  When you see this I'll be on my way from Mobile to Montgomery, Alabama, so I am officially heading back north and will be seeing my sweet hubby's face next week.

We lived in the Montgomery area for 18 years, so I will be meeting with many friends and business associates, so I'm excited. I'm also excited that I am now on my way back north and officially headed home to my honey.

It's been a whirlwind of visits with family, friends and our Nature's Sunshine family ... so I've had a grand time and some warmer weather for which I am grateful. Mobile has had plenty of things blooming and that's been a real treat. My friend that I'm staying with has camellia bushes and she made an arrangement with branches of them that is absolutely gorgeous!

The photos from the trip may be on the gallery by the next newsletter I do.  I have not had time for photo work on the computer.  I hope all of you are seeing signs of Spring in your backyards.  Get out and take some time in a forest or garden or park.

On Friday, my friend, Dianne, and I visited a botanical gardens with a 100 acres.  It was mostly woodland, but had an herb garden and a Japanese garden. Just beautiful. If you're going to be in the Mobile, Alabama area, be sure to include Mobile Botanical Gardens.

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