Saturday, March 27, 2010

Repair Your Dog-Damaged Lawn

Dogs maybe man's best friends, but they certainly aren't friends to your lawn. Dogs urinating on the lawn can cause brown, dead spots. Dedicating a certain area for your dog helps, and watering the spots after Lassie has finished is a good idea.

Now there's more you can do to repair damaged lawns and prevent further problems. Rascal Spot is a new product that contains a naturally-occurring bacterium that helps your lawn recover from damage by consuming the ammonium in the urine and binding the salts it contains. It also increases soil permeability to enhance grass growth. In addition to treated damaged lawns, you can also apply Rascal Spot every eight weeks to prevent damage.

Rascal Spot can be used in all climates on all types of turf. This product is safe for kids, animals, and wildlife. A one quart bottle will cover a 5000-square-foot lawn. More info on Rascal Spots.

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