Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kids Going Green

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Just for Kids - Going Green Educational Resources
Your children can learn to be “cool climate kids” on this Web site dedicated to climate change education.
EPA’s Web site for kids with games, information, and links.
Children can learn to be “global warming” kids on this Web site. A project of
This National Wildlife Federation Climate Classroom is a Web site that helps educate children about global warming using developmentally appropriate methods.
Fun and easy things kids can do to protect nature.
Excellent website for practical resources for Sunday school or devotion time. Includes free downloadable creation care coloring books, flash cards of creation care Bible verses, and multi-level activity books

Source: - Blessed Earth is an educational nonprofit that inspires and equips faith communities to become better stewards of the earth. Through outreach to churches, campuses and media we build bridges that promote measurable environmental change and meaningful spiritual growth.

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Judy said...

I have two comments. First, Dr. Matthew Sleeth and his wife Nancy,
are hosting the first-ever, faith-based Creation Care simulcast
on April 21, 2010, beginning at 6:30 PM, Eastern. It is called Hope for Creation and should be a great discussion as hundreds of churches have already signed on to participate. All you need is a laptop to participate. My church, in Illinois, has signed on to do this as a congregation. You can learn more at:

Secondly, Kids need to "Go Green."
In fact there is a National Movement called the "Leave No Child
Inside" initiative. Many children these days never leave their homes and computer/video games. They have done studies to show that children who don't have contact with nature when they are young are less likely to protect it when they become older. So, if you know of a child who is indoors all the time... take them out into nature... especially now that it is Spring.

sharingsunshine said...

There's a post scheduled for April 12th on the simulcast. Thanks for all of the info.

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