Saturday, April 24, 2010

Toxic Drywall from China in Recent Homes

A growing number of Americans are wondering why their new homes, built within the last five years, are rotting from the inside out. The problem: defective wallboard, commonly known as drywall.

An estimated 60,000 homes nationwide - primarily in southern states and California - could be affected. "We're taking this very seriously and our mission is to identify what are the facts and what are the risks," said Joe Martyak of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

As early as 2004 a housing boom led to a dramatic shortage of U.S. manufactured drywall. To keep up with demand, builders turned to manufacturers in China. A document obtained by CBS News shows that by 2006, 228 million kilograms - about 500 million pounds - was imported into the U.S. from 20 companies in China. Read entire article.

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