Sunday, April 4, 2010

Live In a Butterfly Neighborhood

This can inspire you to make your neighborhood a butterfly neighborhood also. Get a lot of ideas and information at Monarch Watch.

By Camille Evans, Dunedin, Florida

You have to love butterflies to live on my street.'s not a law, but I live in one of five neighboring houses occupied by butterfly enthusiasts. All of us have butterfly gardens and raise caterpillars in our backyards.

It all started 3 years ago when my neighbors Theresa and Jim showed me their beautiful butterfly garden and gave me a monarch caterpillar to raise. They told me to plant milkweed and buy a 'critter keeper' box at a pet store.

My grandson, Henry, and I fed the caterpillar and watched it grow bigger each day. It formed an amazing chrysalis that looked like a green-and- gold-studded jewel case. It eventually grew so transparent that I could see the orange and black wings inside.

Entranced, Henry and I watched as the monarch broke free from the chrysalis and emerged a perfect butterfly. After that, I had butterfly fever!  Read the entire article.

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