Monday, June 14, 2010

Dog Ear Infection

Ear infections are amongst the most common ailments to afflict dogs. The reason for this is that most dogs have ears that flop close, which creates a warm and moist environment in the inner part of their ear, where bacteria and fungus can thrive.

The infection may take place in the outer portion of the ear canal and is known as otitis externa. This can advance and spread into the dog's middle ear. When this happens, the infection is called otitis media.

If the infection is severe and aggressive, the inner ear may also be affected. Called Otitis interna, this infection can then spread to the central nervous system, causing systemic infection and death. As seen, dog ear infection can have an unfortunate outcome, but even mild infections cause significant discomfort to the dog and thus must be treated right away. Read the entire article.

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Richard Page said...

Hi, thats a good post and very true. Both of my dogs had severe yeast infections for well over 2 years. It got so bad that my older dog became quite ill due to the sheer over use of antibiotics that simply weren't working. In desperation I began looking at natural methods and the effect of diet on dog ear yeast infections. When I began looking into dog food and what it actually was I was horrified. With a combination of a number of natural ear remedies and a complete diet over haul (they now eat better than me!)I have had yeast free dogs for over 3 years. Not only that but the soultions I use create an environment yeast simply can't survive in. I began sharing these ideas and found they worked for my friends too. I then wrote a book on what I'd found and have now sold well over 3000 copies. For those with dog ear yeast infections it's a must have and at $17 a heck of lot cheaper than the £2000 I spent on antibiotics for my dogs! If you like further info you can go to or email me at
I hope this helps some of you,


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