Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Uses For Wildflowers

Wildflower Seeds Are Not Just For Meadows Any More
by Ray Allen, Founder -

Property owners have been planting wildflower meadows for years, but did you know these wildflower seed facts?

• They’re perfect for landscapes:
Wildflower seeds offer a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to lawns.

• You can save money:
Use wildflower seeds and replace expensive annuals.

• Plant when you want:
Wildflowers can be seeded spring or fall. Let your schedule decide.

• Container gardening?:
Try wildflowers for easy, impressive results.

• Wildflowers are great space fillers:
Plant seeds anywhere you’d like to add amazing color.

• Top your bulbs with wildflowers:
Plant wildflower seeds when you plant fall bulbs and help prevent spring maintenance.

• Seeds for specific uses:
Mixtures are available for both specific regions and uses, such as deer resistance or dry areas.

Read success stories from all areas of the country.

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