Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking Back Truths

by JoAnn McFatter

Sound travels by way of vibrations that are transported from molecule to molecule on what are called waves. The energy that is created, mixes with our energy. We are made up primarily of energy, when you get down to the subatomic levels of things. It's amazing that we actually look like empty space for the most part, but that empty space is actually energy. I realize this is grossly simplified, but the point I'm making, is that we constantly emit and receive energy. We impact everything and everything impacts us.

If you have ever come across the book The Hidden Messages In Water by Emoto, a Japanese physicist, you understand a bit about our make up. It's a very interesting study done on water and the effect that sound, music, or words, has on it. You might wonder what that has to do with us as humans, but we are 70% water, as adults. It shows the impact positive and negative words have on water.

In a past encounter, prayer was released consistently for three days over a polluted lake, and at the end of three days, the water was pure. Granted, the people praying were of varying faiths and beliefs, but it's a spiritual principal that was set up in the beginning when God formed this existence of ours.

There are spiritual and physical laws that have been put into motion by Him that we have not even begun to tap into. Even different styles of music affect the water for good or bad. Again, it's an energy thing. Interestingly enough, the words "love and gratitude" were of the most positive impact.

The same is true of plants. Studies have been done showing plants "reacting" to music. Classical music stimulates growth and even shows plants growing toward the music, wrapping themselves around the speakers. Hard rock music causes some plants to be stunted in their growth, some to grow away from the music, and some to even die. It's the energy of the sound waves that are affecting the plants.

Thank God we are finally beginning to wake up and take back the truths, looking into the mysteries of Creation! I've heard it said many times that the New-Agers have stolen the things of God. They didn't "steal" anything--we gave it over to them by not exercising our dominion over the earth as the Sons of God. We abandoned the truths of the Spirit and took up the mind of man, what we could see and touch and hear with our natural senses.

It's time for the Sons of God to come into their inheritance of the mysteries of Creation, both in Spirit and in Truth.

JoAnn McFatter
WhiteDove Ministries

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