Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Better Pooper Scooper

Good weather brings more people and their dogs outdoors. But, not everyone picks up after their pooch. Unfortunately, the presence of dog piles where we walk, picnic and play has become a common and unwelcome sight in our parks, beside paths and walkways, and even in neighborhood flowerbeds.

No one likes cleaning up after their dog, but it is the law in many communities. Even where no pet waste control ordinance exists, picking up your pet’s waste immediately is the courteous thing to do when it lands anywhere but on your own property.

Pet waste that is left on the ground isn’t just unpleasant; it’s also a source of urban pollution and a health hazard. That’s because pet feces, left sitting, wash into storm drains and waterways. Bacterial pollution is a serious problem facing U.S. waters and, according to the Center for Watershed Protection, pet waste is a significant source of bacterial contamination in our urban watersheds.

Further, animal waste left behind where children and dogs play can spread disease to humans and other animals. It’s no wonder that neighbors and friends find such irresponsible actions distasteful. Read the entire article.

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