Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Newsletter - 9/15/10

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What a grand time it has been since my last newsletter which was two days before my 60th birthday.  I've been so blessed since then, especially with the visit from our son to celebrate with me.  We certainly kept him busy with our itinerary.  I haven't finished with all the photos we took since he and I both go into camera madness when we're together.  Randal's extreme amount of patience and easy-going character is a great fit.

One of my favorite photos from my birthday celebration is one from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts where Ben and I spent the afternoon after picking him up at the airport.  I just happened upon this photo idea of us both being in the looking glass of a huge wardrobe.

I love to make a birthday last a long time.  Opening the cards as they arrive days before and displaying them on the mantle.  Putting all packages there to enjoy the giver so much more than the gift by wondering and waiting for the actual day.  And allowing people to extend my birthday by scheduling some fun after the official date which was the case with our neighbor friends who took us out to a Japanese lunch (Asian is my favorite food) and a movie during an afternoon of normally scheduled work time.  I love variety!

For those of you who enjoy celebrating with me from afar, you'll find some posts on some of the festivities in this issue ... I'm savoring the photo work and taking it slow to relive every moment, so there will be more to come.  It's grand how a blog can record your life like a diary but so much easier than handwriting and the photographs really make it for me.

The tree frog tadpoles were not doing well in the bucket pond.  Not enough water ratio per tadpole. So, I had to make a decision about releasing most of them to the pond in our backyard (see update post).  Life is what it is and sometimes we can't protect what we love ... we just have to let things go at times and pray all will turn out well.  Control is not a good lifestyle choice, so we have to learn to walk with open fingers.

Get outside and enjoy this beautiful Fall weather! 

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