Thursday, September 9, 2010

Plush Toilet Tissue Is No-No

Popular in U.S. households, plush toilet tissue requires pulp from virgin timber, some harvested from old-growth boreal forests.

Next time you shop for toilet paper [and tissues], before you reach for the soft stuff, consider the Blackburnian warbler. This splashy white, black and orange Neotropical migrant nests in the forest canopy—preferably of coniferous, old-growth trees—near the tip of a tree branch, where it secures its nest with a spider web.

The connection to shopping? The fluffy toilet tissue purchased by most Americans, and stocked in virtually all of our supermarkets, requires pulp containing long wood fibers found only in virgin timber (from live trees).

When you use premium tissue, you flush down the toilet part of a tree that may have been felled solely for that purpose. And that tree may have been harvested from Canada’s boreal forest, where 57 percent of Blackburnian warblers breed—along with a third of all North American songbirds. Read the entire article and then check out this website: A Shopper's Guide to Home Tissue Products

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