Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Newsletter - 9/1/10

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On the 3rd I will officially be 60 years old.  Rather than focus on that I've been focusing on having 60 experiences I've never had before and it's been a wonderful journey of distraction from the age number.  Be sure to check out the post, On Becoming 60, The Adventure Begins.  I'll be doing future updates during my year of being 60, but I'm beginning to realize that I've lived a life full of adventure and wonderful experiences, so finding 60 new ones will be a little challenging, but certainly not unattainable in our great big world.  It has made me appreciate more of the life I've already lived ... and allows me to be excited about what's ahead.

©2010 Donna L. Watkins - Dandelion and Bee, Riverfront Park, Columbia, SC
The tree frog tadpoles have been spending the evenings in our living room to keep the water warm since our Virginia nights get cool.  I want to be sure they grow up quickly and become frogs before it's hibernation time.  When I put my fingers in there to move the floating vegetation away so I can see them, they seem to know me since they no longer dart under the other side or to the bottom of the bucket.  Randal says they're like bees, they know my face.  Bees are amazingly smart - check out this short post on some fascinating bee research.

2010 Benjamin Christopher Watkins
Our son, Benjamin Christopher, arrives tomorrow and my tummy is full of butterflies and bees, buzzing and fluttering.  I can't wait to see him!  I'm sure we'll get in a few new experiences for my list of 60, so I'll have an update in my next newsletter.  Ben's also into photography, so we'll be playing "dueling cameras" with many viewings.

Upon requests, I've marked the posts that I've personally written with my initials (DLW).  Some subscribers wanted an easier way of finding them.  Thank you so much for your interest!

Lots of activity going on in our wildlife habitat.  Visit Bluebird Cove's Critters and Garden photos.

Have a great holiday weekend filled with many blessings!

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