Friday, September 24, 2010

Free Birding Guide When You Travel is a great website to find a local birder. The site links you up to somebody in the area or country you're traveling to. These locals are not paid for the service, but happily share the ornithological wonders of their area.

Use a local professional Birdingpal guide year round to customize your birdwatching tours.
You will enjoy the safety of travelling with a knowledgeable local,
who knows where and how to find the birds you want to see.

Most Birdingpals are serious birdwatchers. It's a privilege to use them if you can make arrangements to meet. Should he/she offer to take you birding, using their own vehicle, it would be courteous to pay for the fuel. A lunch and/or a small gift would also be appropriate, something as simple as a souvenir of your country, or a pin from your local birding club.

This is a great way to get to see some natural areas of a place you are visiting ... even if you're not much of a birder. Every walk-about adds to your knowledge of birds. Visit Birding Pal when you plan your next trip.

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