Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bringing Hope to a Desperate World

by Tri Robinson

At times it seems the worst of culture and society seem to spread faster than the best. However, as Christians living with the hope of Christ in our hearts and a strong desire to see God’s redemptive nature restore so much brokenness, we must not dismay. We must follow God’s leading to participate with Him to bring out the beauty from the muck and the mire.

Our journey of discovering how we were going to address all these world crises began through the examination of the declining environment. Through a number of conversations and events, I came to realize that our church – and the body of Christ as a whole – had failed to bring Christ into the conversation regarding stewardship of the environment.

We remained content with dispensational theology that concluded God was going to destroy the earth and create a new one—so why bother to be a leading caretaker of it? But as people challenged me, I began to be convicted about that idea and started pursuing more deeply what God’s Word said about His creation. What I found was that we were failing in our role to be good stewards of the earth.

Where our mission teams work in Zambia, it wasn’t just that the people needed clean water, but they needed to be educated about how to keep their water clean. It wasn’t just that the soil was bad, it was that people didn’t understand how their topsoil was being eroded as they clear cut forests to survive, furthering the poverty cycle.

In surveying all of our ministries and matching them up with different areas of crises in the world, seven distinct categories became apparent to us that not only needed to be addressed on a global scale but were already being addressed through our local church. Read the entire article.

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