Thursday, October 28, 2010

November Wildlife Tips

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These tips are in the time/weather frame of Central Virginia, but apply on a far wider range, especially the resource links below.

• Feeders get busier as the month progresses, so keep them full to feed your resident birds and all of the migrants passing through.

• Waterfowl migration peaks this month so watch the skies.

• Peak of the deer breeding season, so use caution on the roadways, especially at dawn and dusk.

• Open water may become important if there's an early freeze, so be sure to get your heated birdbath out for the birds. It's nice to provide something on the ground for the small ground critters.

• Gather up some of the dry acorns to store and provide later in the cold weather. Be sure they are dried out, sprouts are pinched off, and that they're kept in a cool place. Wildlife will go wild over them when they've exhausted the supply on the ground.

If you have extra acorns, you can help by collecting them to provide foresters with the stock they need to grow seedlings and restore forests.  Get more info and locations here.

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