Friday, October 15, 2010

Newsletter 10/15/10

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Hello Friends!

© 2010 Randal J. Watkins - Donna at Great Falls Nature Trail
All 14 of my tadpoles made it to froggie stage and were released. I've put all pictures related to this wonderful story here at Bluebird Cove in the Eastern Gray Tree Frog Photo Album. It has been a grand experience for both Randal and me. We even had friends visit to see them as they were growing.

It seems strange after almost 2-1/2 months of tending tadpoles to not have the tasks. However, it seems they are already returning for visits to the deck where the bucket pond was. That's been very special to me! The entire story begins here if you're a new subscriber.

I've booked a heavy schedule for October to enjoy the Autumn weather and outdoor opportunities. The first weekend of the month we attended a gathering in the DC area with Wade Taylor. We didn't know about the man until about 6 weeks earlier and registered for the event that day, feeling compelled to do so. It was definitely worthwhile and the book we purchased while there (recommended by my Canadian friend, Genevieve) is so incredibly special as was the gathering. It's called, "The Secret of the Stairs."

On the way to the gathering, we finally visited Great Falls National Park, a place we'd talked about going for many years. It was a beautiful day, a bit windy, but perfect temperatures. View Video and Photo Album of Great Falls National Park.  After the gathering we went to PA to visit family for a day and that was special getting to see as many people as we could in an overnight stay.

We've planned lots of time with friends this month so that's been very special also. This past week we did an Insect Walk at a local preserve that is a bi-annual event and always interesting. I had a day in the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge area with a friend and another day at Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's) grounds for a picnic and stroll on a trail. Tomorrow is a VERY big day though. We were invited to attend Buddy Day at The Wildlife Center of Virginia. Buddy is a bald eagle with quite a story and we will be at a 4-hour event to learn more about eagles and to meet Buddy. Read the story of Buddy at their website.

Hope you're investing into "the present" and not "the future" --- it's all about celebrating TODAY!

Love and Hugs,

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