Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Falls National Park - McLean, VA

VIDEO:  Great Falls National Park - McLean, VA  10-1-10

The Potomac River and the unique geological features have shaped the land at Great Falls for millennia. Floods regularly occur along this stretch of the river, taking away soils and plants and depositing new silt and seeds to take their place. This is a dynamic environment, home to rare plant communities and a variety of wildlife.

Most of the park’s 800 acres are forested. Throughout the year, over 100 different species of birds can be seen at Great Falls Park. Native animals, such as deer, fox, squirrels, bats, and chipmunks also call this place home. A wide variety of plants, including several rare species, thrives in this environment.

A walk along the Potomac or through the woods on one of the park’s trails offers a glimpse into the natural scenery here. Remember, the animals here are wild. Do not attempt to feed or touch wildlife. You can help take care of the park by not disturbing plants or wildlife and staying on the trail.

Great Falls National Park Website.

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