Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turn Your Backyard Into a Photo Zone

This photographer and avid wildlife-watcher tells how he transformed a modest-sized yard into a haven for bird photography:

I set up a feeding and water station in the backyard next to my shed. It includes four feeders and a birdbath. I use a variety of seeds for the feeders. Most birds favor the sunflower seeds, but a variety of seeds will draw in many different species. I also hang out a suet feeder as well. This allows me to take full advantage of the bird situation I have right in my own backyard.

My backyard is not very large—approximately a tenth of an acre. I have some trees growing along the fence line, which the birds use for safety. I also have some flowering bushes and a Mexican sunflower, all of which the birds use for a staging area before they come in to grab a seed.

Some of the birds, such as the northern cardinal, stay on the feeder, eating constantly. Others, like the tufted titmouse, come in quickly, grab a seed and hightail it for the protection of the trees. Then are ground feeders who just hang around cleaning up the seeds that fall out of the feeders. Read the entire article.

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