Friday, February 4, 2011

Tips for Better Pet Nail Care

by Dr. Sarah

Nail trimming is a vital part of your pet’s healthcare routine. Unfortunately, it’s often neglected as many pet parents never receive any training about the best method for trimming nails safely. Watch the short video linked below for helpful tips for better nail care.

When your pet’s nails are clicking on the hardwood floor, snagging clothing or carpet, or scratching the furniture, it is time for a trimming. Nail trimming is an important part of your pet’s healthcare. Without it, pet’s nails can overgrow into paw pads, be torn off accidentally or interfere with walking. You can keep cat nails in check by providing a scratching post. Unfortunately, many dogs and cats simply do not get enough activity to wear their nails down. For the health of their digits, regular nail trimming is required.

If you have your pet groomed regularly, then the groomers will take care of this task. Many pet parents are interested in the convenience and cost savings of trimming their pet’s nails at home, but have no idea where to begin.

In most cases, owners who are able-bodied and have relatively well-behaved pets can save some money and trim their pet’s nails at home. There are some pets, however, who are not amenable to nail trimming; in these cases, it’s best left to the professionals, for everyone’s safety.

Dr. Sarah shows you the tools and the techniques you need to effectively trim dog and cat nails at home in this video for dogs and cats.

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