Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Newsletter - 2/1/11

Hello Dear Friends!

We've sure had a flurry of birds last week when the temps were rather frigid here in Virginia.  We had a bit of snow which the birds seem to know about the day before because they frantically stock up.

© Donna L. Watkins
Juvenile Cooper's Hawk on Front Walkway
Click photo to see more photos of hawk.
One bird that came by shortly after my last newsletter was not one I readily welcome to our habitat.  Hawks are beautiful birds and I love to see them, but I simply do not like them dining here, especially if it's close to the house where I provide for and want to protect my songbirds.  As you can see from the photo, this bird was really close to my front porch bird buffet.  I guess the word got around and somebody forgot to tell him it's a vegetarian buffet.

(See more of this hawk's photos by clicking on the photo.)

Our front porch buffet has been a riot of a show daily and all day long.  The only ones that haven't visited are the crows.  It's too close for comfort for them.

I'm really happy with our completed painting project.  After 10 years of off-white with a hint of gray in it, I feel like a bit of a could has been lifted from the house.  Color gives a room a whole different feel.  When I first said that to my husband, he gave me one of those left-brained 'uh huh' looks, but as we completed each room, he'd teasingly say, "feels warmer doesn't it?" and grin.

New Paint in Dining Room
By the time we finished the project, he was telling others that it gave the house more warmth.  Then I was the one grinning. Sometimes you just have to paint a word picture with the logical men types. Since some of you are going to be wondering what color it is, I've included a photo of the dining room.  The color of the Olympic 0% VOC Premium paint is Camel.  We purchased it at Lowe's.

Turning 60 also has had me focusing on where I put my life's hours and the frustrations of Facebook's continual upgrades has been enough for me.  They are forever changing things and never keeping privacy as the standard option.  If you use Facebook, I'd read this article. I changed The Nature In Us to a Page setting to make things simpler, but after studying a bit online about Facebook, I am feeling led to pull the plug, even though it has been a great way to stay in touch with our son and his photos.

The FTC website shows a post in 2003 that says there have been 27.3 MILLION victims of identity theft in the U.S. in the previous 5 years. The article stated that 9.9 MILLION of those people were in the previous year, so it doesn't take much math to realize it's increasing. I couldn't find any recent numbers. Should I be so aloof about it and not heed warnings I've read regarding Facebook? (article reference on identity theft)

Speaking of turning 60, my new adventures list has really slowed down since winter arrived. Unless you can count being a hermit an adventure.  I'm definitely not getting out much, but have had plenty of people in.  Winter is a good time for tea parties, playing games and putting puzzles together (great for the brain).  However, when Spring arrives, I'll be like the daffodils pushing up through hard ground.  I'll be out there discovering all kinds of things.  I already have a list of places to go that I've never been ... and of course, each of those places will become a photo album at my online photo gallery.

See you after Valentine's Day!  Hope you're planning on some acts of love for that day.  It's one of my favorite holidays.


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