Monday, August 29, 2011

Life Without Boundaries

by Peter Horrobin

There is a sturdy high fence alongside the railway track near our house. The boundary fence is there to protect people from the danger of accidentally straying onto the high-speed track. There is a crash barrier running down the centre of our motorways in order to prevent vehicles accidentally crossing into the way of oncoming traffic. When cars do manage to cross that boundary, fatal accidents commonly follow. At the edge of the decks of a cruise liner is a strong rail, designed so that passengers can lean on the rail without crossing the boundary and falling overboard.

Crossing any of these boundaries is dangerous and the authorities go to considerable lengths to ensure that people are not able to cross them and put themselves in danger. People recognise that boundaries, such as these, need to be respected and in normal circumstances people have no desire to cross these boundaries of safety.

But there are other boundaries – boundaries which can be even more dangerous when crossed, and which western society has been systematically dismantling over the past fifty years. And the god of this world has very effectively blinded the eyes of mankind to the consequences of crossing the moral boundaries that God put in place for the benefit of mankind. Read the entire article.

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